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The Tragedy of Being a Christian June 23, 2011

Posted by John Salerno in Christianity, Religion.
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While looking through a couple of my old journals, I found this entry in one of them. It still seems true to me after all these years, so I decided to post it here. I’ve quoted it exactly as I wrote it, despite the fact that I would probably change a few things if I were writing it today. For example, I wouldn’t refer to an atheist “cause,” because I don’t believe that atheists necessarily have one.


It seems to me, rationally speaking, between a Christian and an atheist, the atheist is in a better position. Each believes his own cause to be the correct one, but it is only the atheist who will be able to discover if he was wrong. For if a Christian dies and goes to Heaven, it is nothing more than he expected; if he dies and there is no God, he will never know the folly of his life – that, to me, is a tragedy. I would rather be an atheist who dies and learns that he was wrong, for even in death he has bettered himself. If the atheist is correct, he’ll never know – but what does that matter? He already believed himself to be correct! The difference between a Christian and an atheist is that a Christian is in the unfortunate position of never being able to discover that he was wrong.

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